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What is the Bravery Beads Program at The Hospital for Sick Children and how does it work?

The Bravery Bead Program invites patients at SickKids the opportunity to collect a different bead for each procedure or event while undergoing treatment. The colourful beads are not given as a reward but rather are earned, and they represent the unique and special treatment journey of each child. The beads are collected making a meaningful necklace showing their bravery.

In 2001, Child Life Specialists proposed the Bravery Bead initiative to Women's Auxiliary and were instrumental in the program's development. Child Life Specialists continue their collaborative partnership with WAV members in the program's planning and renewal, as well as promoting Bravery Beads on the frontlines with patients, families, and staff.

There are over 120 unique beads each representing a different procedure or event. Additionally, WOW beads are selection of special beads that the child chooses when they felt it was a particularly difficult day...a way for them to say ‘WOW, I did it!’.

The Bravery Bead program is for ALL SickKids patients. If your child has not started their collection or if they are missing any beads, please contact your Child Life Specialist or email

The Women’s Auxiliary at The Hospital for Sick Children is very proud to support this program for our very BRAVE children at SickKids.

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